audio-technica ATCSC60 Master Control Unit

เครื่องควบคุมการสนทนาและจ่ายกระแสไฟระบบประชุมไร้สาย ATCS-C60
infrared conference system
It is possible to switch between manual mode and automatic mode.


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Product Description

เครื่องควบคุมการสนทนาและจ่ายกระแสไฟระบบประชุมไร้สาย ATCS-C60

The ATCS-60 infrared conference system offers all the advantages of infrared communication complete with wireless transceiver microphone units. Wireless infrared technology provides the user with greater flexibility while configuring the system and freedom of choice when placing microphones. From intimate meetings to large boardrooms and events, the ATCS-60 will adapt to meet your needs.

Additional features include four selectable channels for multi-language conferences and an automated camera function facilitating audio visual integration.

The option of software control is also available, with the user able to adjust camera position, facilitate audio recording and adjust microphone settings from “Conference Manager” software. Tabletop delegate microphone stations can be now augmented with handheld and lavalier microphones for greater flexibility.


  • The number of people with priority (priority speakers) can be set.
  • It is possible to switch between “FIFO” and “LIFO” modes.
  • It is possible to switch between manual mode and automatic mode.
  • The threshold setting can be done by nine stages.
  • The hold time for speaker can be set in every 0.5 second.

DIRECT OUTPUT of 5ch is also possible. (Using the dedicated software)


Bandwidth                                           1 ~ 10MHz

Number of Channels                         Voice 5ch, monitor 4ch and data 2ch

Modulation Mode                               FM modulation

Infrared Data Communication       9,600 bps

Audio Input                                          Monitor input (-10dBV, unbal.) 4 systems

External input 1 (-10dBV, unbal.) 1 system

External input 2 (-10dBV, bal.) 1 system (-50dBV, unbal.) 1 system

Audio Output                                       Direct output (-10dBV, unbal.) 5 systems

Output 1(-10dBV, unbal.) 1 system; Output 2 (-10dBV, bal.) 1 system

Recording output (-10dBV, unbal.) 2 systems

Power Supply                                      AC100~240V 50/60Hz 75W

Weight                                                  4.2kg (Main body only)

Accessories Furnished                     2 rack adaptors, 6 rack adaptor installation screws, 5 mini drivers, AC power cord

โทร. : 02-2031821 , 02-6414744
สายด่วน : 095-9265276 , 086-3114142

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