NEXO DTD-TU Digital Controller PS,LS and ID Series

อุปกรณ์ปรับแต่งสัญญาณเสียงและควบคุมการทำงานสำหรับลำโพง NEXO รุ่น PS, LS and ID Series


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Product Description

อุปกรณ์ปรับแต่งสัญญาณเสียงและควบคุมการทำงานสำหรับลำโพง NEXO รุ่น PS, LS and ID Series

Digital TD Controller for NEXO  PS Speakers and LS Subs.

The new generation of NEXO Digital  TD Controllers offers the same sound  quality and processing algorithm than  our high end NXAMP range at a very  competitive price.

The Digital TD controller range is composed of two  models, both housed in a rugged low depth steel  19” case and featuring a universal power supply. The DTD-Tis the Touring version, with its analog  input and output connectors (XLR and Speakons) on the front pannel, thus saving the cost and room  for an extra patch panel unit. Front panel display  shows the current PS/LS setup, two hardware  knobs for Sub/Main output gain, and a switch for  selecting Wideband, Crossover or User (i.e. custom) mode.

The DTD Digital TD Controller makes it easy to configure ID speaker systems using amplification from other manufacturers.
Now it’s possible to choose exactly the right size and scale of amplification, making ID range speakers accessible in a wide range of applications
from small mobile systems to more sophisticated multi-cabinet installations. With advanced speaker control processing taken from the NEXO
NXAMP, the DTD Digital TD Controller also delivers dramatic improvements in sonic performance over previous analog TD Controllers.

• Compatible with amplifiers of every size and scale
• Can be used with amplifiers from other manufacturers
• Dramatic sonic improvements over previous analog devices
• Comprehensive analog and digital connectivity plus Dante TM
• Plug-and-play operation with automatic amplifier sensing
• Touring and install versions available


Electrical Specifications 
Sampling frequency and resolution      96kHz, 64-bit internal processing precision
Signal delay                         Less than 1 ms (analog in to out) on flat setup, compatible with NXAMP latency
Frequency response          20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0.5 dB (mains out), 20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/-0.5 dB (sub out)
Total harmonic                   distortion Less than 0.003% (mains out), less than 0.02% (sub out)
Dynamic range                   112 dB (unweighted, mains out), 107 dB (unweighted, sub out)
Crossover/channel separation -100 dB (1kHz)
Indicators Analog in signal/peak (green/red), sense in signal (yellow), speaker protect (yellow)
Display                                 White backlight graphical OLED display 96 x 16 pixels
Switch and rotary               knobs 3 position switch + 2 x rotary knobs
Analog Input Characteristics 
Number of channels       2 electronically balanced analog inputs
Connectors      2 x XLR-F with link on XLR-M
Sampling frequency and resolution     96 kHz/24-bit
Max. input level/Input impedance +22 dBU/20 kOhms
Analog Output Characteristics 
Number of channels 3 electronically balanced analog outputs
Connectors 3 x XLR-M
Sampling frequency and resolution 96 kHz/24-bit
Max. output level/Ouput impedance +22 dBU/200 Ohms
Amplifier Sensing Characteristics
Number of channels 4 floating electronically balanced high voltage analog inputs
Connectors 2 x 4 pole SP connectors
Sampling frequency and resolution 96 kHz/24 bit
Max. input level/Input impedance +50 dBU (8000 Watts/8 Ohms) / 364 kOhms
AES Input Characteristics 
Number of channels 1 AES/EBU stereo digital input
Connectors 1 x XLR
Sampling frequency and resolution 44.1 to 96kHz/16, 20 or 24-bit
USB Input Characteristics 
Type 2 channels of USB audio
Connector Female mini USB connector type B
Sampling frequency and resolution 48kHz/16-bit
Remote Control 
Connector Mini USB

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