ชุดทัวร์ไกด์ OKAYO EJ7R+ Bodypack Receiver with Earphone

เครื่องรับสัญญานเสียงแบบไร้สายชนิดพกพาพร้อมหูฟัง 96 CH
สำหรับผู้ฟัง ผู้ร่วมกลุ่ม ชุดทัวร์ไกด์
Bodypack Receiver UHF band 640 – 865 MHz
Transmission range up to 80 meters


฿8,000.00 ฿6,800.00



Product Description

เครื่องรับสัญญานเสียงแบบไร้สายชนิดพกพาพร้อมหูฟังสำหรับผู้ฟัง ผู้ร่วมกลุ่ม ชุดทัวร์ไกด์  OKAYO EJ-7R+

Being with years of developing and manufacturing wireless tour guide system, OKAYO now is able to make professional Language Interpretation System at affordable prices to meet the needs from high-end market. The EJ-7R integrates advanced circuit design and compact outlook, providing excellent sound quality and reception range. Ergonomic case, organized arrangement and well-understood interface make this unit highly under-friendly


  • UHF band 640 – 865 MHz, PLL synthesized with 16 (863 – 865 MHz) or 96 (640 – 664 MHz, 740 – 752 MHz, 794 – 806 MHz) selectable frequencies, for multi-channel / multi-purpose application.
  • Firm and artistic metal case design.
  • LCD window shows the selected channel, frequency, battery condition, and error code.
  • Flexible antenna prevents damage from bending.
  • Transmission range up to 80 meters.
  • Adjustable Hi/ Mid/ Low sensitivity for your preferable application.
  • EJ-7R incorporates AUX. output, serving as wireless receiver system when connecting with an amplifier or active speaker.
  • Built-in hidden speaker for alternative of headphone or earphone.
  • Incorporated with “push-fit” 3.5 mm headphone jack.

โทร. : 02-2031821 , 02-6414744
สายด่วน : 095-9265276 , 086-3114142

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