ชุดทัวร์ไกด์ OKAYO WT808R+ Bodypack Receiver with Earphone

เครื่องรับสัญญานเสียงแบบไร้สายชนิดพกพาพร้อมหูฟังสำหรับผู้ฟัง ผู้ร่วมกลุ่ม ชุดทัวร์ไกด์ 16ช่องสัญญาน Built-in hidden condenser microphone


฿7,000.00 ฿5,900.00



Product Description

เครื่องรับสัญญานเสียงแบบไร้สายชนิดพกพาพร้อมหูฟังสำหรับผู้ฟัง ผู้ร่วมกลุ่ม ชุดทัวร์ไกด์ OKAYO WT-808R+

Addressing groups of people discreetly without sound reinforcement is difficult, especially when conducting tours of factories, places of interest and conferences. High ambient noise levels and speaking outdoors present special problems making it essential to use an effective communication system.

OKAYO’s wireless tour guide system, designed to be easy to use, lightweight and durable. OKAYO wireless tour guide system allows the guide’s voice to be clearly heard by each person on the tour equipped with a personal receiver. This system effectively eliminated the listening challenge of background noise, distance and reverberation.


  • UHF band 740 – 865 MHz, PLL synthesized with 16 selectable channels.
  • Built-in hidden condenser microphone offers alternative of headset microphone and lavalier microphone.
  • Up to 8 frequencies used simultaneously, allowing the system to be applied for multi-language or simultaneous translation.
  • Incorporated AUX input allows audio from a CD or MP3 player. Offering extra preferences of audio resource.
  • DC input offers alternative power resource.
  • Transmission range up to 80 meters (opening area).
  • Rechargeable function design.

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