audio-Technica ATIRT85 Lavalier Mic/Transmitter

ไมค์โครโฟนแบบหนีบปกเสื้อพร้อมตัวส่งสัญญานชุดไมค์ประชุมไร้สาย audio-Technica ATIR-T85
Fixed-charge back plate Polar Pattern Unidirectiona
Modulation Mode FM

฿14,800.00 ฿14,000.00



Product Description

ไมค์โครโฟนแบบหนีบปกเสื้อพร้อมตัวส่งสัญญานชุดไมค์ประชุมไร้สาย ATIR-T85

Lavalier microphone
• The lavalier microphone’s infrared wireless signal is secure within the room unlike UHF and
2.4 GHz lavalier systems.
• Up to 3 ATIR-T85/ ATIR-T88microphones can be used simultaneously with one ATCS- C60
master control unit.
• Up to 5 audio lines can be used at the same time with a combination of the ATIR-T88, ATIR-T85
and the standard ATCS- M60delegate unit.
• The microphone is powered by two AA batteries.

Element Fixed-charge back plate
Polar Pattern Unidirectional
Frequency Response 150 ~ 12,000Hz
Frequency Stability Phase Lock Loop frequency control
Modulation Mode FM
Battery Type Ni-MH rechangeable batteries or two 1.5V AA
alkaline batteries
Battery Current / Life 4 hrs (Hi) / 7 hrs (Lo) / 11 hrs (Eco)
Dimensions Transmitter : 120mm × 60mm × 23mm
Microphone : 88.5mm × 28mm × 23mm
Weight Transmitter : 118g
Microphone : 48g

โทร. : 02-2031821 , 02-6414744
สายด่วน : 095-9265276 , 086-3114142

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