AKG DMS TETRAD Vocal Set D5x2 Digital Wireless 2.4GHz

ไมโครโฟนไร้สายแบบไมค์คู่  Digital Wireless 2.4GHz ประกอบด้วย
เครื่องรับสัญญาณไมค์ DSRTetrad 1เครื่อง
เครื่องส่งสัญญาณ DHTTetrad ไมโครโฟนไร้สาย AKG D5 2ตัว


฿55,000.00 ฿35,000.00



Product Description

ไมโครโฟนไร้สายแบบไมค์คู่ AKG DMS TETRAD Vocal Set D5 x 2

ประกอบด้วย :

1 เครื่องรับสัญญาณไมค์ DSRTetrad Digital Wireless multi-channel Receiver 1 เครื่อง

2 เครื่องส่งสัญญาณ DHTTetrad Handheld transmitter D5 ไมโครโฟนไร้สาย AKG D5 2 ตัว

The DMSTetrad Vocal Set D5 is a professional digital 2.4GHz wireless system for worldwide license-free operation. The set includes the DSRTetrad digital wireless receiver and the DHTTetrad handheld transmitter.

The system provides uncompressed studio quality and the handheld transmitter is shipped with the patented state of the art AKG D5 dynamic capsule. The receiver offers four channels in one rugged 19″ housing. Its one-click pairing function gets the system up and running in seconds.

The DMSTetrad Vocal Set D5 includes:

  • 1 x DSRTETRAD receiver
  • 2 x DHTTETRAD handheld transmitter D5
  • 1 x Universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapter
  • 4 x AA size batteries
  • 1 x SA63 stand adapter

เครื่องส่งสัญญาณ Dhttetrad D5 Professional Digital Handheld Transmitter

Licence Free Operation Worldwide  for Live Sound, Club Music, Conferences, Presentation, Seminars and Installations

The DHTTetrad is a professional digital wireless handheld transmitter for worldwide, license-free operation. With 24bit, 48kHz audio coding, it provides uncompressed studio-quality transmission and a linear frequency response. It is available in two versions, with D5 or P5 dynamic capsule, perfect for uncompromising vocal performances. 128-bit AES standard encryption prevents tapping of the audio signal, which makes it a perfect companion for high-security conferences.

The DHTTetrad provides digital diversity and an out-of-range warning function to ensure a stable and drop-free signal within the entire operating area. A high/low input gain switch allows optimum level adjustment for clear, distortion-free signals.

  • Supercardioid capsule
  • Gain switch high/low level
  • Auto power off function
  • Low battery warning
  • Max. 100 mW RF-output power

Technical Specification:

  • Polar Patterns  Radio RF Output Max. 100 mW
  • Audio Bandwidth 70 – 20 000 Hz (± 3 dB)
  • Transmitter Overall Dynamic Range typically 120 dB(A)
  • Gain Switch Max SPL: ≥129 dB
  • Microphone head versions D5
  • Interchangeable Microphone Head yes
  • Battery 1 Batterietype LR6 AA alkaline battery
  • Number of Batteries 2
  • Operating Time 6 hour  Battery 2 Batterietype HR 6 AA (NiHM) rechargeable battery
  • Number of Batteries 2 Operating Time 7 h
  • Dimensions / Weight Length 233 mm Width 51 mm Net Weight 260 g

เครื่องรับสัญญาณไมค์ Dsrtetrad  Professional Four Channel Digital Wireless System Reciever

Licence Free Operation Worldwide for Live Sound, Club Music, Conferences, Presentation, Seminars and Installations

The DSRTetrad digital wireless multi-channel receiver features bi-directional communication between transmitter and receiver, and offers numerous valuable functions, such as remote power-off for all transmitters and battery status monitoring. Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) intelligently selects only the cleanest frequency bands to establish a robust connection to transmitters. Furthermore the implemented time and antenna diversity function as well as DROCON technology ensure that the system delivers an uncompromising vocal and instrumental. Furthermore all receivers are shipped with detachable antennas and front mount kits including antenna cables and rack ears.

Thanks to the one-click pairing function, the system is up and running immediately. The receiver allows to monitor battery status and signal clipping directly on the front panel of the receiver. The DSRTetrad wireless receiver offers four wireless channels for simultaneous use of four handheld or body-pack transmitters.


  • Dynamic frequency selection in the 2.4GHz ISM band
  • 19″ metal case Easy setup functions designed for less experienced operators
  • Four channels can be run simultaneously
  • Antenna front mount kit included
  • Off function for all transmitters
  • LED’s to monitor clipping and battery status
  • 4 x balanced channel and 1 x sum output
  • Stand alone 19″ rack mount brackets

Technical Specification:

  • General Power Supply SMPS 12V/DC, 0.5A, with EU/US/UK adapters
  • Radio Diversity System Digital controlled antenna diversity
  • RF Output Max. 100 mW  Encryption 128 Bit
  • Diversity Digital Diversity   General Gain Potis 0 – 1.4 Vrms
  • Detachable Antenna yes
  • Audio Outputs 1 Amount 4   Type Channel Balanced XLR
  • Audio Outputs 2 Amount 1  Type Sum Balanced XLR
  • Dimensions / Weight Length 482 mm  Height 42 mm  Width 147 mm  Net Weight 1180 g

โทร. : 02-2031821 , 02-6414744
สายด่วน : 095-9265276 , 086-3114142

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